One of the questions people like to ask once in a while is: What’s your goal, what do you want to achieve with your music?

To be honest, I’ve been asking myself the same thing for a long time. But every time I come to the same conclusion: I want to inspire, make people feeling good (even it’s only for a very brief time) and want to share some positivity and awareness. Because I still believe there’s love in all of us. It just needs to be triggered now and then. I want to be such a trigger. Like others have triggered me. And for that, I am very grateful.

So that’s my goal, my calling if you want: to pass on what I received (i.e., the inspiration to write songs) and share it with you. I often think of my music as ”open-heart music”. My biggest hope is to reach out to people who are willing to open up so they can pass it on to whoever they want to share my message with.

Are you ready to get triggered?

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