There is some craziness in this world, people say. But what does it mean exactly? Is it some conclusion based on the majority view? Is there a general principle which not everyone is aware of, ergo those are the crazy ones?

Some people thought I was crazy when I decided to make an EP with ambitious songs, farfetched arrangements and zero experience in producing and recording whatsoever. To be honest, looking back, I’d say I’m glad I had no clue what a time consuming, stressful, money-grubbing (whoa, there’s more money leaving the ship than there’s coming in right now…) and sometimes frustrating kind of project this is.

BUT it’s also tremendous fulfilling in a way I’d never have imagined. To pick a few highlights: I made some new friends around the globe. I met some new, incredible musicians. I’ve grown as a musician. I’ve grown as a human being. I finally took the chance to create something I’m proud of no matter the outcome. I followed my heart -my intuition if you like- although there were times my head was screaming like a mad little kid saying it was stupid and crazy to leave my comfort zone.

So here I am, still alive and kicking! Am I scared sometimes? Hell, yeah. Do I feel desperate sometimes? Got a minute (or 15)? Do I feel stupid sometimes? Hey, I’m not stupid! (Am I?…) Do I think sometimes I’m the biggest joke on the planet? Sure.
But what remains at the end of the day is gratitude. Because so far it’s been a fantastic experience. What a ride it is. I’m glad you walk along with me on this crazy trip!

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