Here’s what other people say about the EP “Connected”:

“This is a stellar effort, with top-notch vocals, musicianship and production.” –
“Dazzling musical arrangements and a super-tight rhythm section.” –
“CONNECTED – Spectacular and pure adrinaline to the ear.” –
“Connected – Sparkling funky rhythms!” –

“Conviction is an instrumentally sensual, and vocally resounding masterpiece of a track. Jazz fan or not, you can’t dispute that this track is packed full of poignantly orchestrated sound which is made even heavier by the sentimentality behind the track by d’Z ft Freddi Lubitz. d’Z’s New Orleans Groove Jazz Funk sound isn’t something that you’d necessarily expect to come out of the Netherlands, yet the Arnhem based songwriter, producer, and drummer composed one of the most tantalizingly perfect anthems to introduce the summer. I can quite honestly say that never in a Jazz Funk track have I been bowled over by the lyrics at the same time as the massive sound which creates an up-beat cacophony of high vibe electricity.

If you’re on the hunt for some feel good Jazz Funk you can check out Conviction through his website now.”

Review by Amelia Vandergast from A&R Factory, United Kingdom

“d’Z – CONVICTION ft FREDDI LUBITZ. Take out all the best components from all the previous groovy, jazzy & funky musicians in the manner of influence and put into one perfect compound. Highly recommended!”

Review by OneLuveFM, United Kingdom

“All we can say is WOW WOW WOW! We listened to your BRILLIANT and STELLAR track “Conviction”. Great collaboration by all who touched this AMAZING Project.”

Jeff Moses, Founder & CEO WJMX-DB Internet Digital Radio Broadcasting, Boston, USA

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